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"Internationalisation of regional SMEs"

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About "INTRA" Project

INTRA - Internationalisation of regional SMEs

INTRA project focuses on the role of public authorities in creating internationalization services to support the competitiveness of the regional economies and thus contribute to the Europe 2020 strategy. Developed by the project partners, it builds on internationalization research findings as well as highlights the importance of regional quadruple helix partnerships to bring together universities, business, civil society and local authorities as the main stakeholders in research and design of new internationalization policy models, wider acceptance of the good practices identified within the INTRA regions and preparation of new project proposals to be funded under the respective national Cohesion policy 2014-2020.

INTRA partners will exchange, explore and disseminate good practice in ways to promote internationalisation and improve competitiveness of the respective regions involved.

In order to facilitate the evidence-based policy making on regional level the main objective of the INTRA is to better understand and address the internationalization of SMEs, in particular the policy instruments within European Regional Development Fund.

The INTRA objectives are to:

  • provide comprehensive mapping, evaluation and comparison of various internationalisation services available, supported by the RD policies;
  • highlight good practices/gaps that promote/impede on SMEs at various stages of the internationalisation process from the point of governmental services, business consultancy and foremost SMEs;
  • recommend viable strategies/instruments to enhance good practices and address gaps within the regional development programmes;
  • enhance internationalization knowledge in regional business environment, predominantly the PPs as well as their stakeholders;
  • transfer good practices by viable regional Action plans as to contribute to the internationalization policies aligned to the needs of SMEs and gaps not filled by the existing instruments.

INTRA has 6 partners from six different EU28 member states:

  • Maribor Development Agency (Slovenia), lead partner of the project
  • Regional Agency for entrepreneurship and innovations – Varna (Bulgaria),
  • Foundation FUNDECYT Scientific and Technological Park of Extremadura (Spain),
  • University of Algarve (Portugal),
  • Coventry University Enterprises Limited (United Kingdom),
  • CAPITANK scarl (Italy)

The project has been approved under the 1st call for proposal of the EU programme INTERREG EUROPE ( and will receive ERDF funding during its implementation. The project started on 1st April 2016 and will finish on 31st March 2021.

Capitank has the responsibility of Communication and Dissemination for the whole partnership.




Some photos of the kickoff held in Maribor (Slovenia) on 18 and 19 May 2016.



In this section you will find all the updated documents relating to the Project Intra.

May 18-19, 2016 • Maribor (Slovenia)


"Internationalisation of regional SMEs"